Chun-Nan Chen, Ph.D.

CEO and CSO, Board of Directors

Chun-Nan Chen, Ph.D., is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of SCT.

Dr. Chen is a research scientist and business manager with twenty years of experience. He has published in peer-reviewed journals, lectured internationally, and is well respected for the quality and integrity of his research.

At Applied Biosystems in charge of human genome mapping, he had extensive collaboration with senior research labs worldwide, and was in charge of personnel, budgeting, planning, scheduling, operations and quality control. Dr. Chen was a visiting scholar at Yang Ming University, a member of Taiwan’s National Science Council on Biotechnology, and an adviser for the Executive Yuan. He was also an invited speaker at numerous scientific meetings both in Taiwan and the United States, taught the Advanced Genome Sequence Analysis course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Dr. Chen received his postdoctoral training in Biochemistry Molecular Biology from UC San Francisco, his Ph.D. from Michigan State University, and his B.S. from National Taiwan University, and held senior scientific positions at Celera Genomics, Applied Biosystems, Pharmageneis, SyStemix and DesignRx Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Chen is a registered United States Patent Agent.

James (Jim) Bowlby

COO, Board of Directors

Jim Bowlby is a very experienced mathematician and physicist, who is a repeat entrepreneur and has over thirty years of practical business and scientific experience.

At Applied Biosystems, he ran the Bioinformatics and Algorithm group which was responsible for improving the DNA base calling, using a wide variety of advanced mathematics. At Woodside Technology, he developed an array-based DNA amplification system. At Vita Genomics, he experimented with advanced haplotyping techniques to mine the Celera database for disease genes prevalent in Asian populations. Mr. Bowlby was previously CTO of Anagene Corporation.

Mr. Bowlby has an A.B. in mathematics and a M.A. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley, and studied under Nobel Laureates Owen Chamberlain and E. O. Lawrence and Panofsky Prize winner David Nygren at Lawrence Berkeley Labs.  Mr. Bowlby was a founder of several Silicon Valley startups.  Early in his career he was a Phi Beta Kappa undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, and received the UC Physics Departmental Citation.

Dexter Girton

Ph.D., Vice President, Engineering

Dr. Girton is a senior research and development engineer with over thirty years experience in design, fabrication and testing of electro-optic materials and MEMS devices.  He has extensive experience in developing electrical and mechanical projects, and has designed ultra-high-speed, electro-optic modulators using semiconductor-related systems.  In addition, Dr. Girton is an expert at wafer processing and fabrication techniques and is SCT’s main interface to the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility.

Dr. Girton obtained his B.S., M.S., & Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Solid State Physics) from Ohio State University and has spent most of career working on special projects for the aerospace industry.  Early in his career he developed test methods for an integrated beam launcher (IBL) interferometer and test methods for the phase modulator (IOCA) used on a fiber optic gyro (FOG), and for an optical fiber interferometric gravity sensor (FIG).

Later Dr. Girton developed fabrication and test techniques for electro-optical polymer channel waveguide structures on silicon wafers.  He innovated techniques for building Mach-Zehnder modulators that operate up to 20 GHz and beyond, and developed technique for building multilevel electro-optical polymer device structures.  Dr. Girton designed innovative high speed (above 1 Gigabit/sec) printed circuit boards and lead a team building a wafer fab for  CMOS and CMOS-on-Sapphire gate arrays.