SCT’s mission is to continue Cesar Milstein’s brilliant work using contemporary technology such as NGS

An entirely new approach


We integrate eight cutting edge technologies to dramatically improve chances of finding new and effective therapeutic antibodies

Intellectual property

Intellectual property

SCT has broad and fundamental patents on associating antibody sequences with their phenotype in a massively parallel and scalable process

Massive informatics


We cluster thousands of antibodies into epitope candidates based on the known or carefully predicted physical structure of the antigen

Thousands of antibodies


SCT discovers thousands of antigen specific antibodies, clusters them into putative epitope groups, and provides kinetics paired to full sequences

Perfect partner

Perfect parters SCT decreases time-to-market and increases success of your next antibody campaign

Single Cell Technology… what we’re not

• Another hybridoma company

• Another phage display company

• Antibody discovery by spreading cells on a surface, e.g.: SLAM (Selected Lymphocyte Antibody Method) or derivatives of it

• Sort cells, deposit single cells in a tray, and perform RT-PCR

• A platform that uses a micromanipulator to pull out potentially interesting cells